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Wedding Insurance

  • Extreme weather, including hurricanes and blizzards

  • Accidents and illnesses affecting you or a family member

  • Unexpected military deployment of the bride or groom

  • Wedding Vendors Non-refundable deposits and replacement vendor deposits if a wedding vendor goes out of business or doesn't show up on your wedding day

  • Loss or damage to wedding-day photographs and video files

  • Replacement wedding dress, rush alteration fees, wedding rings and wedding jewelry insurance.

  • Replacing stolen or damaged wedding gifts from your home, car or wedding venue

  • Last minute purchases caused by a mishap or unforeseen event

  • Professional counseling for a bride or groom's emotional well being, including up to one year of therapy

Event Services
Event Services

Social Media

  • Onsite content creator

  • Unlimited raw images and video clips, behind the scene content, 24 hour turn around


  • Candid photo album app and shared album


  • Enjoy your day without feeling attached to your phone, and know that many sweet, fun, and crazy moments will be captured


  • Alternative and modern method to capture the memories for your wedding or event day

Dance Floor Wraps

Make a show stopping vinyl dance floor to get your guests moving! Transform your venue from bland to grand with that high-end look you and your guests deserve. Custom design to match your theme or décor.


{Pricing starts at $3,000}

Event Services
Wedding Dressing Serivce

Wedding Dressing Service

With our bridal attendant service, brides can relax and enjoy their special day knowing that a skilled and attentive professional is by their side, ready to address every need, last minute adjustment, and create a memorable and smooth wedding day experience! 

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